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No one ever told me 'bout the right way to love

And no one ever showed me what we're supposed be made of

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Birthdate:Dec 28
Location:Clinton, Iowa, United States of America
The name is Sara. Nice to meet you.

I talk about certain people quite a bit using first names. For reference:

Abigail ([personal profile] edna_blackadder/[ profile] edna_blackadder): My best friend. I met her on LJ but she quickly transcended the category of "internet friend" to "RL friend". She is incredible, and the best friend I could ever ask for.

Kelly ([personal profile] subluxate/[ profile] subluxate): My iSibling. The i stands for intentional. One of my oldest LJ friends. They live in Iowa with their wife, Geena. Is brilliant and awesome.

Geena ([personal profile] geena/[ profile] sunsetsinthewes): My iSIL. (Sister-in-law.) Another old LJ friend with whom I have had a lot of fun with over the years. I adore her. Also awesome.

Sidney: My cat. He is under the impression that he is king. This is probably true. That's what Hawkeye lets him believe, anyway.

Sylvia: My roommate. Hilarious and more random than I am, which is really saying something. I will often quote her, because she is hysterical.

Ziva: Originally Sylvia's dog, but has adopted my mother. Part German Shepherd, part Husky. Adorable and a fucking genius. No, seriously. I'm pretty sure she's learned how to spell.

Remy: Sylvia's dog. Basically, the essence of love distilled into Golden Retriever form. Impressionable.

Hawkeye: Sylvia's cat. Actually a girl, despite the name. This is a trend with cats named Hawkeye. A total princess, and the true ruler of the roost.

Ten: Sylvia's other cat. All grey, very laid back, and very silly. Makes the best appalled faces, which fits, given his namesake.

Donna: My other cat. Black with some white. Is relentless and fears nothing, so you know we named her well.

Nerd. Liberal. Fandom dork. Fangirl. Impassioned debater. Feminist. Firm believer in so-called judicial activisim. Wannabe-lawyer. Writer. Student. Grammar relativist.

Easily bored. Very silly. Fond of making new friends. Prone to ranting. Rather opinionated. Honest.

Writing, silly, late-night conversations, randomness, debating, fandom, discussion, being a nerd, most shows on USA, talking with and getting to know people I've friended.

Ignorance, people against queer rights, pettiness, passive-aggression, those unable to take criticism, idiots, dishonesty, and other types of negativity.

Things you may be interested in:

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[ profile] sarcasticsra (My AO3.)

Go ahead and add me! I love making new friends. The only thing I ask is that you drop me a comment somewhere, be it my journal or a PM or even a comm; if I've seen you around somewhere, anywhere, then I'll add you back.
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